Sorry about not writing

I haven’t been writing recently, and am going to start writing the second chapter in “Light’s Task”. I don’t know what I have been doing, but it has not been writing.



Do you have an idea for a story, but don’t want to write it out yourself on your own blog like me (hehe)? Leave a comment stating the idea, and if I feel it’s enough to work with, and I can even think of a story to go along with it, I might start it. I will give you credit for the idea on the stories page.

Why I like to write

I’m sure that you have heard the figure of speech “A book is a ticket to anywhere” or something like that. Well the reason that I like to write is because I not only have a ticket to anywhere, I am ┬áthe owner of that place, and the owner of the plane, train, car, or road that takes you there. It feels wonderful.

I hope that you have written or at least partially written a single story before. I truly hope you do.

First Chapter in “Light’s Task”

Exciting! I have my first chapter IN THE WEBSITE up right now. Go over to read it here

First post

Well. Wow. First post with two things happening. One with this blog name, two with a domain name. Leap of faith registering a .com as soon as I started, but I think it will pay off. Why would I have you guys do Unneeded seeing as hosting is free and it only costs $25.00 a year. Easy Peasy.

Well I don’t have anything up yet, but I am working on the first chapter in “Light’s Task”. Read the About page if you want to know more about me, but it was made (primarily) to be read after I had been doing this for a while, so yeah. I guess I hope you like it, and leave any comments if you want to give any pointers!