Chapter One

Chapter 1

“Go forth, my follower. You have a task to do.” the Light said. “The end of these times are near, and the Great War is at hand.Take this sword and go, I say. Go find Oblivion and help your brothers destroy him.”

“Why did you pick now?” I asked. “It has been thousands of years since you have let a man see us. Why now?”

“Because. Oblivion is rising, and we must stop him for all eternity.” the Light said. “Now go. You have to help them.”

My knees buckled underneath me. I tried to get up, but I felt a sharp pain in my arms and legs. The edges of my peripheral vision starting to go black. Though I was no expert, I believed that meant that I was passing out for the first time.

My eyes flew open. “Where did I go?” was the first thought to my mind. There was a blackish red glow pulsing, and a constant melancholy moan. I was in the Nether.

I had only seen this place a few times, and that was just when the Light let me deliver escaped souls back. Surprisingly, I was not even a little uneasy. I tested my legs, they didn’t hurt so I stood up and looked down.

There was a black stone and a sword made of light. The sword wasn’t giving off any light, but it was made out of Light’s own essence. I jumped back in surprise, and could hear the stone start to crumble behind me. The thought of falling down the pit that was easy to tell was behind me was sickening, so I jumped forward quickly, and grabbed the sword, somehow I knew that it would be necessary in what the Light had told me to do.

My legs started to sink into the stone. This had happened before, though never to me. It was always with the souls that had escaped from here. A crack and a flash of red light, and a chasm ripped open in front of me. Turning around, I saw a bridge had materialized.

I raced across the bridge, and could hear planks from it falling behind me. When the end of the bridge was in sight, a nauseous feeling grew in my stomach. There was a gap of about five feet. Seeing nothing else to do, I ran all the faster. When I reached the last plank, I kicked off and jumped, but missed it. I threw my arms forward grasping for the plank to pull myself up. I could feel my fingernails digging into the wood, but after a few seconds, the plank itself came lose from the bridge.

“Help me! I’m falling!” I screamed.

I looked to my side and could see my sword still in my hand. I had forgotten that I was still holding it. By this time, I had no control of my muscles at all. In a flash of blind instinct, I threw it in the direction I thought was down, blade first.

There was a flash of blue light, and I could hear Oblivion hissing “He hassss come.”

All of a sudden, the ground sprouted beneath my feet, and the wind rustled my hair. Wait a second, there isn’t any wind in the Nether. It was then that I realized that my eyes were closed, and when they opened, the most surprising sight assaulted them. I was in the In-Between.


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